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Knife grinding machines

The photos and data of the straight knife sharpening machine You can find, if you press the link below.


The drawing of some frequently used grinding segments and grinding cup wheels. please press the link below.


 Knife sharpening machines and material

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Pictures/drawing (If available)

Effective magnetic table length:

three options: 1550 mm, 3100mm, 4650 mm


Effective magnetic table width:



Type of magnet:

Electromagnet (with demagnetiser)


Wheel size

Segmented wheels or cup wheels in accordance with the buyer’s choice



≤0.03 mm/m


Attraction force of the magnet



Grinding head/Motor Adjust angle



Magnetic chuck rotation angle



Grinding head power

7.5KW-3 phase (Rotation speed - 1450 RPM (3100 mm length sharpening machine option)


Drive motor /walk motor

1.5kw Invertor controlled (3 phase motor with the gear box to ensure the high rotation momentum); Variable linear speed 5-25 m/min.


Lifting motor

1.5KW, Stepper motor.


The controller of stepper motor can be set with the following options:


1. Possibility to make feed down every 3 seconds. (The smallest step distance – 0,001 mm); The largest step distance – 0,2 mm


2. Possibility to make gradually sloping feed down from the start until reverse. (The smallest step distance – 0,001 mm); The largest step distance – 0,2 mm


3. Possibility to switch to regular feed up/down on the reverse moment.


4. Ability to switch off the feed at all, while maintaining to run linearly for polishing purposes.




Stepper motor parameters


Step angle: 1.8º 

Step angle accuracy: +/-5%

Resistance accuracy: +/-10%

Inductance accuracy: +/-20%

Temperature rise: 80º C Max

Ambient temperature: -20ºC-+50ºC

Insulation resistance: 100 MΩ Min, 500 VDC

Dielectric Strength: 820VAC, 1s, 3mA

Shaft Radial play: 0.02 Max (450g-load

Shaft Axial Play: 0.08 Max (920 g-load)


Water pump motor

Water pump’s ability to supply cooling liquid should be about 60 liters per minute +/- 10%. 

Pump type - centrifugal


Motor parameters:

Motor power: 250 W

RPM - 2800



Total power

About 11 KW



Equipment in total: 6000 KGS; grinding head weight: about 1000 kgs


Overall size (3100 mm magnetic chuck option)

about 5850*1300*1500mm;




Linear guide system

The linear guideways are HG series retains precision on higher dynamic loads

Sliding bars

The linear guideways are HG series retains precision on higher dynamic loads


Guide Protectors

Double protection:

Bended stainless steel 2 mm protector;

Folding (shrinking) protection on the Hiwin guides










Double protection guides different view angle (photo of functional machine)

Lubrication grooves

The grease collection barrier are  installed in the both sides: 4 barriers in total. Grease flow interconnects with the grease collection tank


Motor head Lifting

High precision ball screw is installed. The screw is long enough to feed below the magnet surface of about 11-20 mm and high enough to easily replace the grinding segments without removing the grinding head. As shown on the pictures on the right.


Also, the max up and down moving positions are limited by the highest and lowest point electronic switchers.



 Bottom position:



Top position:


Rough grinding + fine grinding + polishing



Screen touch + button + black joystick (as in the picture) + fine tuning


Grinding head walk power system

The stable teethed steel reinforced plastic grinding head X axis walking belt (grade 50T10) installed. It eliminates the inertial movements on the stopping and reversing of the movements

Lubrication system

The whole machine is lubricated centralized by computer



Wiring is made with the flexible wires composed from the thin threads, suitable for the constant folding and bending


Cooling system

Cooling tank is 2.5 meters in length, 0.4 meters height, and 0,4 meters width).

Cooling of the grinding surface

Grinding cooling is installed in the two opposite corners.


Moving head inner rectangular hole

The moving head rectangular hole is 510 x 480 mm for easy changing the grinding wheel.

Body plate thickness

The body steel plate thickness from which the grinding machine body is constructed is - 14 mm. The steel grade the machine is made  - S355.

Big angle setting wheel



Moving plate lubrication nipples

The moving plate lubrication nipples and grease grooves are installed

Ball screw support

The ball screw support collinearity precision - 0.03 mm

Segment replacement plate

as in the drawing

Protection plate

as in the drawing

Electric cable and hose energy chains

Electric cables and hydraulic hoses are protected against bending during operation of the machine


Linear movement double protection

Linear movement are protected by the 2 electronic photo sensor switchers and 2 safety mechanical switches, shown in the assembly drawing, installed in case the electronic switcher fails.


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